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Proprietors: Nina & David Walker
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We are professional craftpersons who are familiar with, use daily and sell products made by Tandy Leather®, The Leather Factory®,  CS Osborne®, Craftool® and Al Stohlman®, Fiebing's® and many other brands of leather products, tools and supplies. We carry everything you need to create your leather project, from the leather itself to all the necessary hardware to complete it! Our goal is to always offer the lowest price possible to our customers. We don't think you should have to wait for a "Sale" to get the best price possible!
We can create custom made products of leather to your specifications.  From saddlebags to keychains to belt buckles to wooden signs, we do it all!! We will handcraft your item and guarantee its uniqueness and you will end up with something that should last a lifetime and give you years of use and satisfaction.  We warranty all of our products, as customer satisfaction is our first priority. After all, we want you to shop with us again!!
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Nina & David

Beaded Sioux Waterbird Leather Patch - SOLD

Beaded Sioux Waterbird Patch
Beaded Sioux Waterbird Patch
SOLD, but can be custom made for you!
Contact us for your personalized beadwork!!
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